Shannon Huneycutt


I was born and raised in wild, wonderful, West Virginia! Growing up with very few children around to play, my imagination took over. I spent many hours playing school and rearranging items in my classroom. Keeping things organized was somehow fun for me and I loved the idea of someday running my very own classroom. I could imagine all of my supplies neatly labeled, stored beautifully on the shelves. This fantasy became a reality as I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

After college, I waved goodbye to country life and moved to Charlotte, NC. My teaching career was rewarding as I earned a Master’s degree in reading/writing, led writing workshops, and fulfilled my desire to help students. After 9 years, however, I made the decision to leave the profession behind to become a full time mom. I’ve loved every minute of the past seven years, raising our two beautiful daughters. Now, both girls are in school, thriving and learning everyday. I’m proud to say, their success is my success!


My love of organization became my new focus, so I purchased Marie Kondo’s books and had myself a party. It was so much fun for me to apply her method in my home. The decision to move forward and attend a Konmari seminar was easy. Tidying and finding a place for things is just a natural feeling for me. I live and breathe keeping items in order.

I’m a Konmari consultant and am so excited to help others tidy and figure out what sparks joy in their homes!