“I  read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo several years ago when I was living in a 450 sq ft apartment in Brooklyn, NY. When you have limited space, you have to be organized and everything has to have a place! This organization technique was perfect for my needs then, but then I realized it was a perfect system for any home, no matter the size!

Fast forward a few years and now living in Charlotte in a home that is much larger than my Brooklyn apartment, I had been trying to maintain what I had learned from the book several years ago. However I had not quite achieved my goal successfully while trying to balance my new role as a mom to a toddler with another one on the way! I needed a little extra hand! That’s when I started to look for organization professionals in the area. The only thing was that none of them seemed right, until I searched for KonMari certified organizers and found Shannon!! KonMari had served me so well in the past I knew this was the perfect match for me; then I spoke to Shannon on the phone and confirmed it!

Shannon was able to guide me through the process again and help me take advantage of the storage space I now have. Also, she helped empty out what had been my office to make room for our little guy on the way! In the several sessions we had, I was able to tweak what I had started but hadn’t quite gotten 100%.” 


“I had an amazing experience with Shannon and loved each step of my Spark Joy journey consisting of 7 sessions.  Before meeting Shannon at one of her workshops, I read Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” and knew this was the organization solution I had been looking for, but struggled to implement the concepts on my own.

I love that all of my items have a place, all of my cabinets and drawers are now in perfect order, my closets are perfectly beautiful consisting of labeled boxes and cubbies that Spark so much joy!  
My kitchen has become a highly functional space and I now enjoy cooking and doing the dishes because my kitchen, food pantry, island, and labeled spiced are all organized. My 3 year old loves his new bedroom, toy room, and transformed toy chest because everything has a perfect place.  There is so much joy in my new spaces, it is hard to convey what an awesome experience I had with Shannon and Spark Joy Charlotte! 
Shannon is intelligently gifted at organizing spaces and could look at my most challenging clutter and come up with smart solutions.   I could never have done this without her.   It has been one of the best investments in my life with new skills learned that will last a lifetime.”

jordanWorking with Shannon on decluttering and organizing my clothes was an amazing and view altering experience! Shannon was so fun, funny, and wonderful to work with and she had an organized and pointed execution plan. I truly felt I learned and felt the SPARK during our 4-hour session and how I can apply it to all areas of my life and home! Thank you, Shannon!




“It’s not an exaggeration to say my time with Shannon was life-changing. We’d been through a kitchen leak, remediation and a botched renovation. I used all my energy – and went into my reserve tank – making MOST of our house livable again after moving back in to incomplete/incorrect work, our belongings in boxes in rooms where they didn’t belong and a total of two pieces of furniture having been put back in the correct place. I gave out before completing the last two rooms, which stayed in a state of chaos for months. It became my new normal, so I was oblivious to the effect it had. In fact, it took my family declining invitations to come over because it stressed them out too much for me to recognize just how bad it was.

Enter Shannon!

We konmaried every inch of our house and I’m happy to say Shannon didn’t run from the challenge that it was. I would have been content to just hit the most offensive spaces, but we did it all – even drawers and closets that no one else has to see. The process was fun because of Shannon and I cannot express how grateful I am at having my (new and improved) house – and peace of mind – back!

Shannon has found her calling, and I am so glad!!!”

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“Shannon is incredible!! She has truly transformed our home and my life. It feels amazing to finally be clutter-free and organized. With four young children, I have been overwhelmed for YEARS with the amount of clothes, books, and general clutter that has accumulated. Shannon is a great teacher and motivator, and helped me to finally conquer what I had been putting off doing. I was even able to sell a large amount of the clothes and household items that we cleaned out to help pay for her fee. Thank you, Shannon!”




“This was a wonderful and gratifying experience!! I was able to declutter and organize all my clothes and accessories in less than 4 hours!! Shannon was wonderful to work with and she is quite awesome at what she does!! Now I’m ready to continue my KonMari journey and get my whole house organized. Thank you, Shannon!!”




“My experience with Shannon and de-cluttering my entire house lifted such a weight from my shoulders. I seriously cannot recommend her enough! I used 7 sessions plus doing my homework in between to stay on track and it was amazing how quickly everything went. I have made over $2,000 so far by selling items that no longer served me. It is such a great feeling to walk into my house and feel at peace whereas before my home was giving me anxiety. Shannon does a great job of staying on task while making the experience enjoyable at the same time. She is very professional and genuinely cares about your success. If you choose to embark on this journey you will seriously not be disappointed!”


“Shannon completely changed my house, and forever changed the way I think about what belongings I keep and why. It’s been such a welcome and invigorating change! I’m not a shopper or a collector, so part of me thought Kon Mari didn’t apply to me. But I did keep a lot of sentimental items which, over the years, become cluttered. Now my house has only my favorite things, not things I felt like I “had” to keep. Best of all, everything Kon Mari promises about having more time and energy for new passions is true. I don’t have to worry about my house anymore and am instead spending more time on hobbies. Shannon was thoughtful, diligent, thorough and amazing! I simply could not have done it without her.”



“I was motivated to start this process to get my home office organized and it ended with so much more thanks to Shannon. She reminded me of my goals for my home, family, and life every step of the way and effortlessly helped get me there. It was such a joy to work with her too, you can tell she was born to organize. She stayed on task every minute of our sessions together and offered so many great solutions to keep the clutter from reoccurring. After completing the KonMari method with Shannon I see my belongings in a different light. I have much less attachment to items in my home if they aren’t sparking joy or serving a purpose. Things are also much easier to put away because everything has a home and who knew my linen closet could bring so much joy to put sheets away! I couldn’t have done any of this without Shannon’s help and encouragement – thank you, Shannon!”



“After wrapping up our KonMari tidying sessions with Shannon, I am reflecting on the major impact this has had on our home and family! We accomplished so much more than I expected and it would never have been possible with Shannon’s help and KonMari insight! She brought a ton of energy and proactive attitude that was refreshing. I tend to get paralyzed with the clutter and this experience has taught me how to systematically tackle it all. Shannon provided many recommendations that work well for avoiding the clutter build up to begin with, which I found very helpful. Not only is my home decluttered from excess stuff acquired over the years, I now feel empowered with the tools needed for actually maintaining a tidy home! This has already saved me time looking for things and I never would have thought my utility closet could look so attractive! I am very grateful to Shannon for all of the time and energy she put into my KonMari tidying sessions! I have a renewed sense of peace when I walk into our nicely organized home – and that is priceless!”


“Since working with Shannon, everything in our house is easier to find. As a busy parent of two children, this makes a big difference in efficiency. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Shannon.”