”As an experiential marketing agency we understand that it is just as important to deliver enriching and impactful live experiences to our own teammates as it is for our clients. We were thrilled to have Shannon in our GMR Marketing Charlotte office to learn more about the KonMari method and we all walked away with meaningful tips to better organize our work spaces and home spaces. Shannon’s energy and passion for organization was infectious and we have a sincere appreciation for not only the impact she had on us, but her ability to spark joy in so many lives around the Charlotte community. 

 She also allowed us to make a fool of ourselves folding clothes. We’ll keep practicing. After all, ‘we believe experience matters.’ Thank you, Shannon!” ~ Marie Swegle



“Financial freedom goes hand in hand with freedom from stuff.  A dollar can only go so far.  When we are not paying for more stuff to fill our homes, we are then able to redirect that dollar towards experiences with our loved ones, saving for retirement or other financial goals.  Our clients are often sandwiched between storing children’s old memories, a lifetime of their own belongings and acquiring new belongings for grandchildren.  Eager to move forward in retirement, they feel trapped.  Shannon did an incredible job speaking directly to our audience explaining the very specific and thoughtful KonMari decluttering process and then taking them through activities that they could do in their own homes to create space for their future while giving appreciation to their past.” ~ Ivey Baker



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