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“The key to successful tidying is tackling your home in the correct order, keeping only what you really love.” ~ Marie Kondo

“The key to successful tidying is tackling your home in the correct order, keeping only what you really love.” ~ Marie Kondo

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What is the KonMari Method®?

The KonMari Method® was created by tidying expert Marie Kondo, author of the best selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, and star of the popular Netflix series, Tidying up with Marie Kondo. This style of tidying focuses on decluttering and organizing your space by keeping only those items you love. By visualizing the home and lifestyle you dream of, you can finally let go of unnecessary items causing clutter and truly live a life that Sparks Joy®.

Declutter once and for all by following these 6 core principles of the KonMari Method®.

The first step is to decide you are ready to tidy once and for all. Your commitment to this process, your home, and yourself is the key to the magical transformation you desire.

Once you have decided to commit, the next step is to visualize your destination. Identify your goal and imagine the ideal lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. What do you want your home to look and feel like? What brings you joy? This vision will be the driving force for your entire journey.

You must first declutter and discard items that no longer bring you joy or serve a purpose. This allows you to let go of unnecessary items and create space to find permanent homes for the belongings you love.

Instead of deciding to tidy a specific room, the KonMari Method® approaches your home by category. We often have items of the same category spread throughout our home, so it’s important to gather those items in one spot. This is a true eye opener to the amount of items we have in each given category.

By following the correct order, you will achieve visible results, quicker. Beginning with the clothing category is the perfect jump start to this process and will give you a boost of energy to keep moving. As you proceed to the remaining categories, in order, hone your sensitivity to what brings you joy.

The 5 categories in order:

  • Clothing
  • Books 
  • Papers
  • Komono (miscellaneous, toiletries, linens, kitchenware, office supplies, etc.)
  • Sentimental

The entire philosophy behind this magical tidying method is to keep items that Spark Joy®, allowing you to discard items that are physically and mentally taking up space in your life. Let go of clutter and in one simple phrase, Choose Joy!

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