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“Imagine what it would be like to have a bookshelf filled only with books that you really love. Isn’t that image spellbinding? For someone who loves books, what greater happiness could there be?” ~ Marie Kondo

“Imagine what it would be like to have a bookshelf filled only with books that you really love. Isn’t that image spellbinding? For someone who loves books, what greater happiness could there be?” ~ Marie Kondo

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Monday, January 2nd @ 7:00 am

Hello Patrons! 

Are you ready to Spark Joy in your home, office, and life?

Join me for an inspiring, educational, and entertaining presentation that will teach you the guiding principles needed to tidy once and for all. We will dive into the heart of the KonMari Method™ and learn what it means to truly live a life that Sparks Joy!

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Tuesday 1/1 @ 6:00 pm EST


KonMari Folding Technique

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to remember that you can’t force someone to tidy up. If your family is not ready, it is okay. I recommend sharing with your family the tidying journey you are about to go on to bring Joy and Peace to your space. Explain that this is important to you and you’d like to create an enjoyable space for everyone in the home. You will begin by addressing only your belongings. Tidying up our own space first allows our families to see what we are doing. Lead by example. Once all of your belongings bring you joy, you can then teach your family how to tidy up their belongings. 

I recommend breaking your tidying journey down into super small chunks. Try to focus on the little steps instead of getting overwhelmed with the entire space. Celebrate with each small subcategory you complete. That doesn’t mean go out and buy something that will just clutter your space! This means find a way to celebrate along the way. Go see a movie, eat a great steak, take a bubble bath. This will help you stay motivated with each category you complete.

This all depends on your schedule and how much time you have each week to dedicate to tidying. If you take some time each week to complete a few subcategories, then it may only take a few months. If you only have one day a month, then your journey will take longer, possibly a year. But, you need to remember: This is a once and done type of tidying. This life-changing method will change the way you think about your home and belongings so you can truly live a Life of Joy moving forward. In other words: You should NEVER have to do a deep decluttering again!

It’s simple! Put your belongings back in their designated place. After you use something, be sure to make the effort to put it back in it’s resting space. Often we think things are getting cluttered again, when really, we just aren’t putting things back and it looks like clutter.

Also, another tip for you. Be mindful when you are shopping. Ask yourself some great questions in the store to determine if you really want this item you are about to purchase. Does it Spark Joy? Where will it be placed in my home? Will I use it or wear it? What is the purpose?

To stay organized, you can’t revert to old habits and continue to bring items into your home without a purpose.

Normally I would say don’t save things for anyone. However, there are exceptions. If you absolutely know a family member or friend wants something, of course set that item aside. If you think they might want something, reach out and ask instead of holding onto boxes of giveaways that they never wanted. Otherwise, the easiest and best thing for you to do is donate your giveaways to get them out of your home as quick as possible.

No. KonMari is all about keeping the things in your life that are bringing you joy and serve a purpose. It’s not about owning less, but owning things that are actually useful and enjoyable.

If you become overwhelmed while tidying, take a break. Grab a snack, drink some water, walk around outside for a few minutes. Then, continue tidying. If you become overwhelmed in the middle of your entire journey and you don’t feel like continuing, it is time to revisit your goals and vision you wrote down in the beginning. Why did you start doing this in the first place? What are your goals? It is okay to take a break to re-evaluate. Also, as stated before, when you get overwhelmed, be sure to stay focused on small subcategories. Only look at what is in front of you, instead of looking at the entire space.

If you are saving things because you ‘might’ need it one day, chances are you will ‘never’ need it. It is time to let that item go and free yourself of unnecessary clutter. There is no reason to hold onto belongings that have no purpose. If they have no purpose in your life now, they most likely will not have a purpose a year from now. 

“Shannon’s webinar was wonderful! She took the job of tidying based on the KonMari method and broke the steps down to realistic chunks. Her visuals were wonderful and her presentation packed with usable tips and suggestions. I highly recommend participating in her online session if you want to learn how to tidy once and for all!” ~ Melissa

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Wednesday, January 4th @ 7:00 am

Virtual Guide

I’ve broken down each lesson into small actionable steps. You’ll be treated to short, succinct, bite-sized videos that allow you to absorb the key points and take immediate action. You’ll appreciate having the video as an overview, paired with the text “Directions” right beside it. Additionally, I’ve complimented many of the sections with a handy “Tips & Tricks” pop up pointers and the inevitable “Watch Out” which is where I’ll steer you away from common pitfalls that trap many clients who are DIYing the process.

Imagine how great it will feel to have an experienced guide leading your journey every step of the way. You’ll save yourself tons of time and stress compared to trying to “go it alone” and complete the process on your own.

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