Overwhelmed By Clutter?


Hey guys does your face look like this? Join the club. We are all overwhelmed with things that just consume our lives. There’s this and that and what to do and what not to do. We are completely overwhelmed but there is one thing I know for sure that will make it less overwhelming for you, and that is to put your home and office space in order. A tidy clutter free space will free your mind and boost your energy and allow you to be more productive at home and work. So if you are ready to let go some of that anxiety and spark joy in your space join me in one of my upcoming webinars see you soon.

Does the word clutter make you cringe from the very beginning? I know it does for me. Simply hearing that word causes me to feel tight, anxious, and sweaty, to be quite honest. 

Many people who reach out to me share the same overwhelming feeling that comes from mess. People often say they feel tired and defeated just looking at clutter, let alone tackling it. 

So, to help my clients get past this overwhelming feeling, there are a few positive steps we take to ensure their success once they are ready to start tidying up.

  • Start with a plan: Before you begin tidying up, take some time to plan. Decide which areas of your home need prioritizing and pick one to start. Break down each category into smaller tasks that you can tackle, one at a time. Many people like to follow the KonMari categories as they plan.
  • Timed breaks: I like to decide on timed breaks before we even begin. Tidying up can be physically and mentally exhausting, so it is important to take breaks when you need them. You know yourself best, so think about scheduling timed breaks. What is best for you? 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour? This can help you feel less overwhelmed about getting started when you have built in time breaks to help you recharge. 

  • Progress, Not Perfection: I always remind my clients that tidying up is a process, and it is okay if things aren’t perfect. Instead of striving for perfection, focus on the progress that you are making. By celebrating your small accomplishments, instead of getting discouraged by how much is left to do, this will help you feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to keep going. 

  • Schedule tidying: I’m a big believer in putting your tidying sessions on the calendar. If you leave it up to chance when you “have time”, it will never happen. When I work with clients, we sit down and schedule out their tidying sessions, including how many hours they can tidy and what category to focus on that day. This helps you prepare mentally for the task and can eliminate overwhelming feelings by having a planned day.

Being able to take a moment to plan out your tidying adventure, focusing on progress and mini accomplishments along the way, can give you a sense of relief that can calm your nerves so you can get started. Keep in mind that it is a journey, not a marathon, and the end result is a joyful, peaceful home that you love. 

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