Tidying Up Summer Clothes


Here is our quote of the week. Stop waiting for the perfect time to organize. Take this moment and make some progress. Guys there will never be a time where everything is just right. We will always be busy with work and kids and just life. So if you really want to organize, you need to shift your priorities and make time for it and I promise once you’ve put your house in order you will see that you actually have more time to do the things you love and spend time with the people you love. So if you are ready to de-clutter and organize once and for all I can show you how in one of my upcoming webinars. I’ll see you soon.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…… well, maybe not for all of us. 

The summer months are meant for relaxing, grilling, swimming, and vacations, am I right? Yet, sometimes summer can feel annoying because as I hear often, “I have nothing to wear. I don’t like my legs, so I don’t wear shorts. My arms look fat in tank tops.” And so on.

This year I challenge you to bring Joy to your summer wardrobe by first getting rid of the items that you do not wear.

In this little video clip I share how to declutter your clothes using the Joy Check.

When I help clients tidy up their summer clothes, we follow these simple steps.

Gather all similar items in one spot: Break down your summer clothes into smaller categories. Place all tank tops together, shorts together, flip flops together, etc.

Hold each item: Pick up each clothing item, one at a time and ask yourself, “Does this Spark Joy for me?”

Questions: If you are stuck, here are some helpful questions.

Did I wear this last summer?

Do I feel comfortable wearing this?

Would I miss this if it were not in my closet or drawers?

Why don’t I like this?

Does this still have the tags or tickets?

Keep or let go?: Decide if you will keep, donate, sell, or toss. 

Remember, tidying up your summer clothes should be a personal process that reflects your own style and preferences. Once you’ve let go of items that no longer bring you Joy, you can spend some time finding summer pieces that make you feel your best. 

If shorts bother you, try longer flowing skirts to bring a tropical feel to your day. If tank tops are uncomfortable, search for half or three quarter length sleeves paired with comfy capri pants. Bikini? No? Try a fun swim dress or flowy swim tank with a skirt. 

There is no one right way to enjoy the summer, you have to do what works for you. I’ll give you one last piece of advice for your summer wardrobe though, SMILE! That is the best thing you can wear and it’s guaranteed to get lots of compliments. 

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