Vertical Folding: Say Goodbye to Mess

Have you ever noticed how you tend to wear the same clothes all the time? Why is that, you wonder? 

You grab the first thing you see and just throw it on. It’s just easy to choose whatever is on the top of the pile and go, right?


You need to shift your mindset and recognize that clothing organization actually plays a crucial role in your day. Maintaining a tidy and functional closet and drawers will help simplify your life and create a peaceful setting in the morning. Enhancing visibility and ease of access will allow you to choose clothes that spark joy, help you feel confident, and send you out in the world ready to kick butt. 

While many people opt for traditional horizontal folding, it can be difficult to see all of your clothes at once. When you fold your clothes horizontally, you stack them on top of each other and next thing you know, you have a jumbled mess in your drawers as you rummage through the stack searching for something at the bottom. 

So, let’s explore a lesser-known technique called vertical folding and why it has gained popularity. 

From maximizing space to aesthetically pleasing, vertical folding offers a range of advantages that can transform your closet into a haven of efficiency and order.

  • Maximizing Space:  One of the most significant benefits of vertical folding is its space-saving capabilities. Garments are stored upright, side by side, allowing you to utilize the full height of your shelves or drawers. By eliminating bulky stacks and creating compact folded units, you can fit more items into your storage area, making the most of your closet’s capacity. 
  • Improved Visibility and Accessibility: When clothes are folded vertically, their front sides are visible, making it easier to identify specific garments at a glance. No longer will you need to dig through layers of clothing or unfold piles to find the desired item. With a quick scan, you can locate the shirt, pair of jeans, or dress you want to wear, saving precious time during your morning routine.
  • Reduced Wrinkling and Care Maintenance: Horizontal folding often leads to deep creases and wrinkles in clothing. Vertical folding, on the other hand, minimizes the risk of wrinkles as each garment is neatly folded and stands upright. By allowing clothes to hang naturally, you can help preserve their shape and reduce the need for ironing or steaming. This not only saves time but also prolongs the lifespan of your garments. Additionally, when clothes are clearly visible and easily accessible, you can rotate and use your entire wardrobe regularly, ensuring that no items are neglected or forgotten. This helps distribute wear and tear to prevent certain pieces from being overly worn. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Neat Appearance: When clothes are uniformly folded and aligned vertically, your closet takes on a visually appealing appearance. Each garment stands upright like a neatly arranged file, creating a sense of order and harmony. This organized presentation not only enhances the overall look of your closet but also provides a serene and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, as each item has its designated spot, there is less chance for clothes to become tangled or disheveled. This reduces frustration each time you reach for something in your closet. The clean and tidy appearance created by vertical folding reflects a clutter-free and well-maintained wardrobe. 

So, how do you fold your clothes vertically? Follow these simple steps to practice folding your shirts vertically and please enjoy the video guide I’ve provided for you as well.

1. Start by laying your garment flat on a surface. 

2. Fold one side of the garment toward the center.

3. Fold the sleeve back.

4. Fold the other side of the garment toward the center.

5. Fold the sleeve back.

6. You are essentially trying to get the garment into a rectangle.

7. Once you’ve made your rectangle, fold the garment in half, then half again

8. Now, you’ve made a burrito, as I like to call it. 

Embrace the art of vertical folding and experience the benefits it brings, from saving time in your daily routine to maintaining the quality of your clothes. Say goodbye to cluttered stacks and embrace the beauty of an organized and functional wardrobe.  

Or not. Maybe you like to roll your clothes in a ball and store them in the corner of your bedroom. Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy, go for it.

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