My Konmari Experience


What do I do now? This was my first thought when I sent my youngest child off to Kindergarten this year.

The past seven years of raising toddlers have flown by and now that I have a minute to myself, I discovered that my house had become a little cluttered. I’ve always enjoyed keeping my house in order, but I had to let a few things go while I was busy with babies. You can imagine my need to finally get a grip on this situation!

The Magic of Tidying and Spark Joy books were the answer for me. I fell in love with the entire method of discarding and storing by categories. And using the simple question, Does this spark joy? It truly helped me think about my items in a new way. I was holding onto so many things that no longer sparked joy in my life, simply because “I might wear it one day” or “I might use it one day”.  I learned to let go of things that don’t spark joy or are no longer useful and cherish the items I decided to keep. If you love your things, store them in a way that shows love! What a concept! I’ve never thought about my things this way.



In the end, when I had finally finished my last category, it was like my house could breathe again. It gave me the energy to move forward and finally create the tropical living room I had always wanted. We bought new furniture, palm trees, and a painting from one of our favorite destinations. I absolutely love it! The konmari way of tidying has completely changed the way I view my home and life. It’s safe to say, it will change your view too!